If you have a shower in your bathroom, you will need a valve for it. Nowadays, people have 2 choices in bathroom shower radiator valves- pressure balanced valve and thermostatic valves. They are meant for regulating temperature shifts. Advantage of using a thermostatic valve is that it will maintain a temperature by adjusting the radiator’s heat output volume constantly. Therefore, you would not have to make manual changes according to room temperature upheavals.

This means that by using thermostatic valves in your bathroom you can actually save energy consumption to an extent. Your bathroom gets heated by sunlight to an extent and at that time the valve does not need to generate much heat. However, in winter months or during nights it kicks into action. This ensures you can use energy more efficiently. These valves also ensure that there is no unnecessary room overheating taking place at all. Manual valves, as their name suggests, require manual adjustment of temperature from time to time. They are understandably cheaper than thermostatic valves but not much convenient.

When you buy a thermostatic valve for your bathroom radiator, make sure that it is from a reputed brand and comes with all necessary features. For installing such vital heating equipments in bathroom, you will require services of a veteran electrician and plumber. It is not advisable to install bathroom radiator valves on your own. Depending on the dimension of your bathroom and number of family members, you need to select a model that fits your needs the best. As you can understand, a household with many family members will benefit from having a large capacity radiator valve in bathroom.

You can search internet for finding information on thermostatic valves that fit your need. If you have more than one washroom in your house and buy multiple valves online, chances are there you will get a good deal. In the web, it is possible to compare models made by several brands side by side and take a decision thereafter. It is important to look for warranty duration and other features while buying a model for your bathroom.